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I hate washing dishes. I’d rather let the machine do it. I also hate unloading dishes, but that is for another post entirely, I guess. Why am I bringing up my distaste for dishwashing? Because my washer broke. That’s right, it just refused to do its job. But, I am a merciful appliance owner. I took a minute, composed myself, decided against kicking and punching it while using some choice swear words, and gave my trusty dishwasher crew a call.

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The Efes Takalot crew is one of the only repair crews I trust. It takes a long time to gain my trust, especially if you are a repair man. Or woman, for that matter! Anyway, my washer broke, and thankfully I knew who to call. Is it as bad as having your plumbing or A/C break down? No, but it is close in my book. Did I mention how much I hate washing dishes? And it isn’t some pampered or first-world problem kind of hatred, either. I simply feel that I did so many dishes during my time in the army, that I’ve done it enough to last me a lifetime. My wife and I have a bet going over who washed more dishes – her during her entire lifetime, or me during basic training…

The jury is out on that issue, but the issue of my washer breaking down was solved pretty easily, thanks to the guy who showed up (and on time, too!).

Not only was my washer fixed for a good price, but I was also given some tips on how to prevent this kind of issue in the future. Some problems are unavoidable, and they occur due to wear and tear or similar circumstances. However, there are issues – some which are quite common, too – that can be solved with proper preventive maintenance. And that was precisely what Efes Takalot offered me that day. Thanks to that guy’s visit, I was able to take better care of the washer. It may not be a life-changing discovery, but I am a fan of giving credit for the little things in life. So this is my small tribute to the guy whose name I unfortunately forgot (I am good at giving thanks, but terrible with names…).

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If you are in the Jerusalem vicinity (meaning Bet Shemesh or Ramat Bet Shemesh), and are looking for someone to come and fix or maintain a household appliance, air conditioner, plumbing system or what not, check out the guys at Efes Takalot. Should anything go wrong again (and dear Lord, I hope it is not the dishwasher), I am sure that they will be the go-to guys for me.


Some professionals consider not ripping you off to be the epitomy of proper customer service. While that sentiment is appreciated, I have to hand it to the guy who came to fix my dishwasher. I don’t call for assistance too often, since I try to take good care of the house, but this was definitely one of the more friendly repair visits I can recall.

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